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แนวข้อสอบ TOEIC  Grammar

ข้อสอบ TOEIC,แนวข้อสอบ TOEIC,แบบฝึกหัด TOEIC ให้น้องตั้งใจทำให้ดี

1. Our human resources department will help you acclimate to the San Francisco area __________ your arrival there.

(A) when
(B) while
(C) upon
(D) if

2. For being the top ________ real estate saleswoman of the quarter, Susan Miller received the accolades of her manager

(A) produce
(B) production
(C) produced
(D) producing

3. Your accommodations at the Pan-Pacific Hotel in Vancouver __________ been confirmed for two nights.

(A) having
(B) has
(C) have
(D) have to

4. President Smith’s ________ assistant will accompany her on her trip to New York this week.

(A) executing
(B) executive
(C) execution
(D) executable

5. ________ John accomplished little as production supervisor,he was fired.

(A) Even though
(B) In spite of
(C) While
(D) Because

6. It was quite an accomplishment to turn the company around in such ________.

(A) time a short
(B) short, a time
(C) time a short
(D) a short time

7. Talks have broken off because the two companies have been unable ________ an accord.

(A) to reach
(B) reaching
(C) reach
(D) they reached

8. According to our records, your checking account is $123.00 ________ as of this morning.

(A) overdrawn
(B) overdrawing
(C) was overdrawn
(D) to overdraw

9. You ________ an accountant calculate your taxes and complete your return.

(A) should let
(B) can
(C) could have been
(D) might need

10. Should you decide to take our money market ________ account, interest will accrue at a rate of 4.5% per year.

(A) to check
(B) check
(C) checking
(D) checked


11. She has yet to achieve her goal ________ the company on sound financial footing.

(A) by putting
(B) with putting
(C) of putting
(D) on putting

12. William’s ________ of accomplishment within the company is only exceeded by his record of service to the community.

(A) record
(B) recorded
(C) recording
(D) records

13. Pacific Gas and Electric refused to acknowledge receiving our letter ________ complaint.

(A) by
(B) of
(C) in
(D) to

14. Mr. Young is a business acquaintance whom I met at our annual convention ________ year.

(A) past
(B) passed
(C) prior
(D) last

15. Dutch Telecom is reportedly seeking to acquire VoiceStream Technologies for ________ fifty billion dollars.

(A) some
(B) any
(C) much
(D) many

16. AOL’s acquisition of Time Warner was accomplished mainly as a result of selling shares in ________ company.

(A) their
(B) it’s
(C) its
(D) they’re a

17. As of Mr. Jones’ ________ from the company, Janet Jackson has been appointed acting head of the Trust Division.

(A) dismissive
(B) dismiss
(C) dismissal
(D) dismissed

18. You may activate your credit card by calling 1-800-888-0002 at any ________ 24 hours a day.

(A) timing
(B) times
(C) time
(D) timer
19. According to actuarial calculations, the average male born in the United States has a life ________ of 74 years.

(A) expectation
(B) expectancy
(C) expecting
(D) expect

20. To become the CEO of a corporation, one must ________ extraordinary business acumen and aggressive leadership skills.

(A) possess
(B) possessed
(C) have possessing
(D) have been possessed

21. We cannot count on ________ changing their negotiating position because their response to our latest offer was adamant.

(A) they are
(B) them
(C) their
(D) that they

22. The addendum to the agreement has yet to be formulated but ________ crucial points which must be worded carefully.

(A) include
(B) includes
(C) including
(D) its including

23. Please note that the address which is listed on our business card has been changed ________ 512 Valencia Avenue.

(A) in
(B) on
(C) by
(D) to

24. I would like to send this letter by ________ return receipt so that the addressee will have to sign for it.

(A) certify
(B) certification
(C) certifiable
(D) certified

25. ________ our program this afternoon, the meeting will be adjourned promptly at 5:00 p.m.

(A) In accordance by
(B) To accord with
(C) According to
(D) Accord in

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26. The adjuster will be out to review your insurance claim and inspect the damage to your car at 10 a.m. ________ Monday.

(A) at
(B) on
(C) in
(D) by

27. If there is any problem with the administration of these tests, it should be reported immediately to the ________ authority.

(A) supervising
(B) supervise
(C) to supervise
(D) supervision

28. We need to find a new administrator for the Human Resources Department ________ has experience in all sectors of our corporation.

(A) who
(B) whom
(C) which
(D) in whom

29. With this credit card, you may ________ an advance of up to $5000 at any of our branch locations.

(A) obtain
(B) to obtain
(C) obtaining
(D) be obtained

30. ________ adverse business conditions, the corporation has decided to postpone its hiring of new employees.

(A) Because
(B) Even though
(C) Nonetheless
(D) Due to


31. The advertisement is for a ________ writer who is fluent in both English and Chinese.

(A) technique
(B) technical
(C) technician
(D) technological

32. Because the advertising budget is so small this year, breakthroughs ________ new international markets will be minimal.

(A) on
(B) into
(C) at
(D) during

33. Following the advice of her broker, Mrs. Tang ________ to diversify her investments into stocks and bonds.

(A) deciding
(B) decides
(C) has decided
(D) has been decided

34. As an Amazon business affiliate, ________ company receives the benefit of the Amazon logo on its homepage.

(A) a
(B) these
(C) which
(D) that the

35. We are able to state categorically that our ________ to your proposal is affirmative.

(A) respond
(B) responsive
(C) responsively
(D) response

36. Please affix your signature on the line above the ________ "President of the Company."

(A) describe
(B) description
(C) descriptive
(D) descriptively

37. The company cannot afford to ignore the volatility of ________ Nasdaq stock market.

(A) a
(B) an
(C) the
(D) these


38. The marketing agency has proposed a three year campaign ________ focuses on television, radio, and internet advertising.

(A) it
(B) what
(C) in which
(D) that

39. For her role in ________ the property, the real estate agent received a ten percent commission.

(A) sell
(B) sales
(C) selling
(D) sold

40. It is only through an aggressive ________ strategy that the new company can hope to make a dent in the market.

(A) marketers
(B) to market
(C) marketing
(D) marketed

41. The final agreement is set ________ signed on Friday at the law offices of Ernst, Rabin and Stravinsky.

(A) to be
(B) being
(C) have been
(D) been

42. ________ continued allegations of money laundering, the banks of the Grand Cayman Islands have opened their books to auditors.

(A) Even though
(B) Despite of
(C) However
(D) Because of

43. R.J. Reynolds, formerly a tobacco company, has formed alliances with ________ food producing companies in an effort to diversify.

(A) vary
(B) various
(C) variety
(D) variant

44. Allies in the fight ________ AT & T, Sprint and Vonage have attempted to broaden their market share.

(A) to
(B) on
(C) during
(D) against

45. Cutbacks in funding mean ________ allocation for the development end of our organization will fall short of expectations.

(A) what
(B) which
(C) that
(D) while

46. The allotment for personnel clothing is not limited to clothes ________ on site.

(A) worn
(B) wearing
(C) are worn
(D) which worn

47. The university travel allowance covers all lodging, food, and transportation expenses incurred by the university ________.

(A) represent
(B) to represent
(C) representation
(D) representative

48. Once the contract has been signed, it cannot be altered ________ by mutual agreement of the signing parties.

(A) except
(B) however
(C) without
(D) nonetheless

49. Minister Smith’s inability ________ the economic summit means that an alternate representative must be selected.

(A) attend
(B) attending
(C) and attending
(D) to attend

50. In case our primary plan fails to succeed, we need to have an alternative plan ________.

(A) at place
(B) in place
(C) on place
(D) by place

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